We Are Ability - We Facilitate the Safe Return to Work

We Are Ability - We Facilitate the Safe Return to Work

With Covid-19 vaccinations rolling out across the UK, increasing numbers of workers will be making a phased return to offices and other workplaces. Ability is helping employers to prepare their workplaces for infection control, social distancing and hygienic security with a range of reliable & approved screening solutions for hire or purchase. 

2020 saw the mass adoption of remote working patterns. Whilst much of this will continue, the majority of workers will face increased risks when the phased return to workplaces begins. This means that employers, office managers and key decision makers must act now to prevent the spread of coronavirus in their workplace - especially as the vaccination programme is rolled out through 2021. 

We’re preparing businesses for safe reopening with a range of protective screens, available for fast delivery and quick installation.

Protective Screens: A Safe Return to Work with Ability  

Whether you require furnishing and protective solutions for hire or full purchase, Ability offers the inventory and rapid pace you need to make your office or interior space socially distanced & appropriately protected against the spread of Coronavirus via water droplets spread by coughs and sneezes.

We’ve set the standard for hygienic security and barrier products throughout 2020, adapting our inventory and supply chain to serve our customers with products that are both approved and cost-effective. We understand that social distancing and infection control will continue to form major elements of our response for the foreseeable future, and we’re playing our role with protective solutions that work:

Why Choose Ability?

So - why have major customers across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom placed their trust in Ability throughout the Covid-19 pandemic? It’s simple:

  • A consultative approach: These are unprecedented times, and we realise that not all of our customers will know the best solution to go for until they understand the full range of options available to them. That’s why we’re proud to offer each and every one of our customers a totally bespoke approach, carrying out full consultations to provide solutions that are within your budgetary & operational requirements.
  • Fast Delivery: We understand that these times for protection that is rapid, effective and fully approved. We’ve leveraged all of our operations to facilitate rapid & next day delivery (next day delivery available on workplace essentials when ordered before 2pm, with other items arriving between 5-7 working days).
  • We Care: We’re doing everything in our power to make our customers’ lives safer and easier through the pandemic. The welfare of our products’ users is our core priority and we strive to create safe and secure environments in every project we commit ourselves to. 
  • Furniture Hire: The challenges of today require some quick fixes and a lot of adaptability. We’re offering a range of furniture and protective solutions for hire, allowing the safe facilitation of queuing systems, examinations & tests, vaccinations, office work and more.

Facilitate the Safe Return to Work with Ability

We’re setting the standard for protected environments. Get started with your project today by calling 0208 311 2800, or request a CALLBACK