Deliver Flu Vaccinations Safely & Efficiently with Ability Workplace

Deliver Flu Vaccinations Safely & Efficiently with Ability Workplace

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made infection control a core priority for public health, particularly in the case of interior spaces. As the Government announces the largest flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history, Ability Furniture are here to assist medical practices and health centres across the country with a range of protective solutions, helping healthcare professionals to deliver vaccines safely, quickly and efficiently.

The highly contagious nature of Covid-19 has placed greater pressure than ever on space and hygienic security, with measures like social distancing and regular hand washing forming core elements of our response to the virus. The continued and safe opening of medical practices is critical, and practice managers and leaders in healthcare must take the necessary steps to control and reduce the risk of infection. Beyond an increased emphasis on hygiene and sanitary protocol, further steps must include spatial planning as well as protective screening and appropriate signage.

Deliver Vaccinations Safely, Quickly and Efficiently 

2020’s historic flu vaccination programme will see a significant increase in patients visiting medical practices and healthcare centres over the coming months. Ability Workplace has brought together a professional team of furniture designers and interior planners, harnessing our years of experience to create and facilitate vaccination environments that place the welfare of their staff and visitors at their core. 

Our experts are on-hand to visit medical practices and health centres to provide totally FREE consultations (book yours here), working within your budgetary, spatial and operational demands to make expert recommendations. Our team visits your healthcare premises to conduct a comprehensive site survey, helping your staff deliver flu vaccinations safely, quickly and efficiently. We’re proud to offer medical practices a total inventory of solutions as a one-stop-visit for controlling infection risk this winter. 

We’re inviting all to book their FREE survey today via our CONTACT FORM, helping medical practices and their visitors proceed with total peace of mind that hygienic processes and infection control measures are visible, established and easily observed. 

Flu Vaccines 2020: How Ability Workplace Can Help

flu vaccinations 2020

Ability Workplace is here to play its role in creating safe and secure medical practices and health centres with a total inventory of protective solutions. A full range of social distancing products and protective workspace solutions can be found via our website, which also includes a selection of partitions & screening items. Whilst a range of solutions are available for full purchase, Ability Workplace’s Hiring Service provides a number of benefits and allows medical practices and healthcare centres to return these products at a future date.

To help medical practices deliver flu vaccinations safely, quickly and efficiently, we offer a total range of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Screening for reception/bookings
  • Screen for protective cubicles
  • Protective barrier hire
  • Chair hire
  • Sanitiser stands & mobile hand washing units
  • Signage & queue management products
  • Professional space planning
  • Temporary floor coverings

Flu Vaccination 2020: Let Us Help

Healthcare centres and medical practices are invited to book their FREE site survey via our CONTACT FORM, allowing us to make expert recommendations based on your spatial, budgetary and operational requirements. Interested parties are also invited to get in touch with our dedicated sales team who are on-hand to respond to a range of queries and bespoke requests. Contact us today by calling 0208 311 2800 or get in touch via email on sales@abilityfurniturehire.co.uk. Alternatively, request a callback from us and we’ll get back to you!