Protective Screening for Covid Vaccinations - Fast Delivery & Setup

Protective Screening for Covid Vaccinations - Fast Delivery & Setup

As we welcome news of a Covid-19 vaccination programme, Ability is providing a range of screen booths to facilitate the safe delivery of vaccines. We’re pledging to set our customers up with our rapid delivery process, with our expertise and capabilities allowing us to complete projects within a matter of days.

Whilst all will welcome news of a vaccine, workers and members of the public will continue to face significant risk of contamination of Covid-19 and other viruses, including the flu. This means that protective barrier solutions and other hygienic infrastructure products will continue to play a key role throughout any rollout of a vaccine and into the future - as well as in the facilitation of testing booths, mobile consultation rooms & more. 

We’ve got the expertise you need for full design, delivery, project management and installation.  

Protective Booths for Safe Vaccinations - Quick Delivery + Installation

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We’ve set the standard for protected and hygienic environments with multiple successes in building Covid-19 test centres, flu vaccination centres and temporary consulting rooms.

We’re offering a range of infrastructural products to ensure vaccination areas are secure:

  • Screen booths for temporary consulting rooms
  • Screen booths for Covid-testing areas
  • Screen booths for vaccine delivery

We’re Facilitating Safe Covid Vaccinations

We’re inviting health trusts; medical centres, public institutions and employers to join us in creating Covid vaccination environments that are safe and mitigated against the risk of viral spread. Our full range of screening to form booths come in standard and bespoke sizes. Indeed, regardless of the size and nature of your vaccination area, we’ve got the infrastructure you need to secure it.

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Time is of the essence. That’s why we’re promising rapid responses to all of your enquiries, following through on our commitment to provide complete solutions in a short timescale. 

Our total solution package includes a full range of hire and purchase options to complete these projects including the following:

  • Full booth design and install
  • CAD layout design
  • Furniture and locker hire
  • Belt barriers
  • Floor & wall signage
  • Mobile sanitiser & hand wash stations

From the entry stages of your vaccination area right through to the exit and surrounding areas, we’re committed to creating spaces where vaccination can be carried out securely. 


Start Building Your Safe Vaccination Space Today

We’re inviting all NHS contacts and decision makers within the healthcare sector to reach out to us. To get started on your Covid Vaccination Area project, please get in touch with our sales team via info@abilityworkplace.co.uk or by calling us on 0208 311 2800.